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The 2016 Ford Edge vs. the 2016 Subaru Outback

red ford edge next to a subaru outback

While in previous years the competition may have been a little stiffer, the 2016 Ford Edge brings style, power, confidence, and comfort to the table, leaving other crossovers lagging behind. Class-exclusive available Adaptive Steering offers smooth, confident steering at any speed, while the twin-scroll 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine brings the performance you'd expect with an EPA estimated 30 highway miles-per-gallon! Plus, the Edge offers available driver assist technologies that let you enjoy the ride, as well as truly hands-free liftgate options.

This is not to say that the 2016 Subaru Outback doesn't bring in some pretty impressive competition. With a lower sticker price standard and as much as 33 miles-per-gallon highway, the Outback may seem like it has a lead out of the gate, but when it comes to power, driveability, available features, and simple style, the 2016 Ford Edge is the clear leader. Advantage: Ford Edge

Vehicle Power and Handling

The 2016 Subaru Outback comes standard with a 2.5 liter Subaru Boxer engine at the lowest price point, but even at its most expensive, the Outback can only deliver around 256 horsepower, and that's with an MSRP that's over $30,000. Meanwhile, the 2016 Ford Edge Sport boasts a whopping 315 horsepower with its 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6. Even the standard 2.0 liter twin-scroll EcoBoost engine in the Edge's lowest price point can still produce 245 horsepower. That's almost as much as the Outback at its best, and for a considerable savings in both MSRP and miles-per-gallon!

The Ford edge offers more than just power, though—it also boasts handling that can't be beat, especially when you include available class-exclusive Adaptive Steering technology, which keeps your steering smooth and agile at any speed. Pull into parking spaces with barely a touch of the wheel, or put more fun into highway driving with responsive controls! Advantage: Ford Edge.

Vehicle Design and Features

What you drive says something about you, and when you're driving the 2016 Ford Edge, you'll be grabbing everyone's attention with its bold design, while enjoying all the best in interior amenities and available driver assist technologies, from voice-activated SYNC 3 system technology to Enhanced Active Park Assist and a truly hands-free liftgate! Not to mention the Ford Edge's enviable suite of active and passive safety features, including available 180-degree front camera, Curve Control, SecuriCode invisible keypad, and both Safety Canopy System and Personal Safety System technologies.

Besides technology that makes life easier and helps you to sit back and really enjoy the ride, the 2016 Ford Edge also simply has style to spare. Just take a look at that bold exterior or luxurious interior, and then compare it to the almost station wagon-like exterior of the 2016 Subaru Outback. Advantage: Ford Edge.

Our Conclusions: The Ford Edge is the Better Vehicle

Whether you want a stylish crossover for in-town driving, a car that's fun on the highway, or something with a little more oomph for hauling cargo or pulling a trailer, the 2016 Ford Edge has got the engine options, style, handling, and power to keep you happy for years to come! If you're looking for fuel efficiency, the standard model is tough to beat, whereas if you're more performance-minded there's a Sport option that offers impressive horsepower at a reasonable price. And whatever you demand, your 2016 Ford Edge will do it with style to spare.

With a standard twin-scroll 2.0 liter EcoBoost I-4 engine, available adaptive steering and Enhanced Active Parking Assist that can help you steer into tough parking spots, the 2016 Ford Edge is a leader in innovation and options when it comes to crossover SUVs. Looking for more available features? How about auto start-stop technology, Panoramic VistaRoof with power sunshade, 180-degree front camera, voice-activated SYNC 3 technology, and a truly hands-free liftgate?

Still want more? The 2016 Ford Edge also offers a wide range of active and passive safety features, from SecuriCode invisible keypad, to in-house developed Curve Control, the Safety Canopy System, the Personal Safety System, glove-box-door-integrated knee airbag for the front passenger, and industry-first second-row outboard inflatable rear safety belts. Competition may have been a little tighter in previous generations of crossover SUVs, but Ford is all about innovation, and with the 2016 Ford Edge, they've clearly got the edge (pun intended) over the competition.

Want to see for yourself? You can test drive a new Ford Edge today by visiting your Kansas Ford dealerships at Rusty Eck Ford in Wichita. Not sure that the Edge is the perfect car for you? We've got a massive inventory of other new Ford cars and trucks to choose from, and our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the new Ford of your dreams!