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The 2016 Ford Fusion vs. 2016 Toyota Camry

red 2016 ford fusion features compared to the 2016 toyota camry

For years, the Toyota Camry has dominated the complex market of midsize sedans in America, but the 2016 Ford Fusion takes that crown by providing an affordable, comfortable ride that offers options that the Camry simply can't match. It can be difficult to compare any two cars in this category, especially when the Camry carries a more than $4,000 higher MSRP. Some midsize sedans favor comfort and style, while others lean toward performance, economy, or simply providing a lot of storage space and legroom. While the Camry has remained a staple by being dependable across the board, rather than excelling in any one area, the2016 Fusion brings trim and performance options to the table that give it a leg up on the competition, including Active Parking Assist and an optional 1.5 liter EcoBoost for better fuel efficiency. Advantage: Ford Fusion.

Vehicle Power and Handling

While the 2016 Toyota Camry may have the Fusion beat when it comes to standard fuel efficiency, that optional 1.5 liter EcoBoost engine can get the Fusion's miles-per-gallon up to an EPA-estimated 37 mpg on the highway. The Camry also has a higher standard horsepower than the 2016 Ford Fusion, but the Fusion gets better torque with its power, clocking in at 175 at 4500 RPM to the Camry's 156. Ultimately, though, it's difficult to compare the two. The Camry is a reliable car that hasn't changed much since previous successful iterations, while the 2016 Ford Fusion brings an array of new options that can make this one car perform in many different ways, depending on your needs. Advantage: Ford Fusion

Vehicle Design and Features

Both the 2016 Toyota Camry and the 2016 Ford Fusion have had their exterior appearances overhauled. The Camry was given a more aggressive silhouette, while the Fusion's grill and headlight design have been compared to the Aston Martin. When it comes to what's inside the car and under the hood, the Camry offers the kinds of design features and amenities that you would expect from one of the best-selling midsize sedans on the market, but the Fusion once again brings a wide range of options into play, allowing you to customize your ride. Besides Active Parking Assist that can help steer you into tough parallel parking spaces while you control the gas and the brake, the 2016 Fusion also offers luxury touches like heated and cooled seats and even a heated steering wheel. Advantage: Ford Fusion.

Our Conclusions: The Ford Fusion is the Better Car

At the end of the day, comparing the 2016 Toyota Camry and the 2016 Ford Fusion may not be very fair to either car, with each one taking different routes toward midsize sedan perfection. There's no denying that the Camry is a good, dependable car, even if it doesn't necessarily stand out from the crowd. But if you have to compare, the Fusion's $4,000 lower MSRP, combined with the ability to truly customize your car to fit your lifestyle with an array of functionality and luxury options, makes the 2016 Ford Fusion the obvious choice.

With its sleek, stylish exterior and driver-focused interior, the 2016 Ford Fusion offers quality and comfort for the road, with three gasoline engines to choose from—including two available EcoBoost I-4s plus the 2.5L iVCT I-4—giving you more engine power with 240 horsepower, 270lb.-ft. of torque, and an EPA-estimated rating of 22 miles per gallon city or 33 highway, for a combined rating of 26 mpg. Add in eight standard airbags and available inflatable rear outboard safety belts, a rear view camera and configurable daytime running lamps that come standard, available auto start-stop, Active Parking Assist, all-wheel drive, SecuriCodeTM keyless entry, forward and reverse sensing systems, heated steering wheel, heated and cooled front seats, and Blind Spot Information System with Cross-traffic Alert, and you've got a car to be reckoned with.

If you're convinced that it's time to shop new Ford cars—or if you'd just like to learn a little more about the 2016 Ford Fusion, or give it a test drive—then why not visit Rusty Eck Ford in Wichita today? We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, and help you choose the car, options, and price that are right for you.