Ford+Alexa for SYNC3 AppLink

Ford Motor Company and Amazon have collaborated to bring the latest AppLink app — Ford+Alexa —to Ford SYNC-3 equipped vehicles. When connected to SYNC 3 AppLink, Amazon's cloud-based voice service provides hands-free access to a variety of features and capabilities. Just say the word! 

Ford+Alexa SYNC 3

Customers already farmiliar with the various features of the in-home Alexa will be excited to know that several are available with Ford+Alexa connected to SYNC AppLink, including: 

Request news and play music Update and check calendar (Google™, Microsoft®, Apple®)
Listen to audiobooks Pick up where you left off on your Kindle
Search and transfer local points-of-interest (POI) to navigation  Listen to Amazon music by artist, song, genre and even shuffle play
Voice control smar home devices such as garage doors, thermostats, lighting, outlets, door locks and more.  Listen to the news or TuneIn radio, access broadcasts or podcasts and customize news thousans of different ways
Add items to Amazon shopping lists and purchase for Prime members Access jokes and trivia
And a whole lot more!

Getting Started with Ford+Alexa

Use the following as your guide for the requirements and setup to help owners get stated with Ford+Alexa, for enhanced connectivity and efficiency behind the wheel. Many venefits of Alexa are available without having to have an in-home Alexa device. 


  • Amazon account (Same as one used to shop on
  • Ford+Alexa app
  • Sync 3 with software version 2.2 or higher. Check on the SYNC 3 touchscreen by pressing: Settings > General > About SYNC > SYNC 3, Software Version 
  • USB cable for iPhone


  1. Download Ford+Alexa from App Store® or Google Play™.
  2. Sign in ror create an Amazon account. 
  3. Connect to SYNC AppLink.
  4. Using Alexa with SYNC 3 is simple and hands-free — just ask, and Alexa will respond. 


  • In-Vehicle Technology Customer Support: 1-800-392-FORD (3673) Option #1, then #3, then #1
  •'s AppLink Catalog Ford+Alexa App: Help from in-app "Menu"

Don't drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don't use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.

SYNC® 3 AppLink® with Ford+Alexa App is compatible with select smartphone platforms and requries any compatible apps to be installed and running ona capable smartphone while connected to Ford SYNC. 

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